The Collate System provides the freedom and flexibility for users to be made aware of key events that are relevant to them.

Setting of user level notications

Users can define which notifications they receive, and system administrators can access a ‘global’ view of which users have opted in or out, allowing for organisational level decisions to made as needed.

viewing notifications at a system level

The User Level Notification module provides for:

  • User level decisions about the email notifications that the system should send, including:
    • Cases that are allocated
    • Invitations to cases
    • Case closure requests
    • Weekly summary of performance
    • Task notifications
    • Meeting invitations
    • Action plan comments
  • Ability for system administrators to review, update and change multiple users across the system
  • Each notification has relevant information for user, such as:
    • The case that needs looking at
    • Weekly roundup of key statistics, including cases opened and outstanding actions that require attention
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