The innovative Engagement Module gives you the capacity to communicate and engage with your families in new and unprecedented ways.

View of engagement campaigns

At the heart of this module is a 2 way email and 2 way text messaging service, which allows for simple, yet powerful messages to be sent to your families. This module very much saves your organisation and staff considerable time, allowing them to construct long term engagement plans that the system automates. Staff become aware of any follow up activities such as replies to messages that require additional action.

Viewing messages within a case

The Engagement Module provides for:

  • Creation of quick (ad-hoc) campaigns that can be sent using email or text message, these can be used to advise on:
    • Opening times
    • Closing times
    • Unexpected problems with services
    • Timetables to be distributed
    • Interest surveyed about potential new services
    • Long term health advice (such as 6 week programme around healthy eating)
  • Creation of a number of other forms of engagement campaigns, such as:
    • Campaigns linked to your courses and events
    • Records imported from our reporting module
    • Campaigns that target lapsed engagement
  • Campaigns that can be created and sent instantly
person criteria
  • The powerful programming structure means the module can send many thousands of emails and text messages on a regular basis
  • The configuration engine allows you to create campaigns based on a vast selection of personal and geographic data
  • Tracking of email responses
  • Tracking of text message responses
  • The manual removal of people from campaign lists if they meet the opening criteria, but you do not want them included
range of selection criteria
  • Ability to link to documents stored in cloud services
  • Regular engagement to be built into your service delivery, such as:
    • Sending emails and text messages to people that have attended your services
    • Reminding people that are booked onto services of the need to attend
  • Sending two way emails and text messages to individual people
  • Using email and text messages as part of the delivery of your case work and children’s centre services
sending a message

The Engagement Module comes with a range of permissions, including:

  • Who can access the module
  • Which staff can create engagement campaigns
  • Whether staff operate at a team or organisational level
  • Authority to send text campaigns
Viewing a reply from a campaign
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