This module is an extension to our Case Management module extending its functionality considerably. This module is useful if you plan to use the Collate System to govern your case work across your entire organisation.


The Early Help Module allows for the system to be extended for usage across any team that are involved in improving outcomes for families through targeted interventions. This module also supports a configurable needs assessments element that can be used to accurately identify the needs of your families in a robust and consistent way.

Early Help Assessment in the Collate System

The Early Help Module provides for:

  • Creating new referrals within the system from any team your organisation partners with
  • Clear workflows such as referrals being allocated to your teams and for teams to allocate them to workers
  • Access controls allowing for teams to work on their cases in isolation from others, or for staff to be able to view all cases
Locking aspects of a case
  • Automatic creation of tasks and actions plans based on the severity of the case being created
  • A customisable needs assessment form, which is linked to the creation of needs and tracking of OFSTED linked outcomes
  • Methods to track the risk and protective factors within a family
  • Strengths and concerns tracker
  • Comprehensive managers oversight
The Collate System identifies areas of concern
  • Automatic analysis of the highest levels of concern for the family and needs mapping
  • Password protectable PDF of the referral which can be shared with partner agencies
  • A comprehensive set of reports are available
  • Ability to lock individual aspects of the case to be viewable by only the team responsible for the case
Early Help Referral PDF

The Early Help Module comes with a range of permissions, including:

  • Which staff can access all Early Help Information
  • Designated managers role
  • Ability to delete draft referrals
  • Authority to terminate Early Help Assessments
Strengths and Concerns
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