The Data Reports Module within The Collate System allows you to interrogate detailed line by line information relating to critical aspects of the service you provide.

hidden and visible columns

This module is a must if your intention is to systematically improve your services through the understanding of the data that is created by the Collate System. A high priority has been placed on ensuring a reliable standard of data is produced by the system. The Data Reports Module is where the benefit of this approach is harvested.

example of data report

Our data reports all come equipped with a range of features, such as:

  • Visible and hidden columns of data that users can adapt to present the information in the way that makes sense to them.
  • Moving of columns of data to present the report back in the most logical way.
  • Ability to export data to Microsoft Excel.
exporting data reports to excel
  • Saving of user preferences for how individual data reports should be presented back.
  • Links through to the parts of the system they are reporting on.
  • Ability to print data.
  • Capacity to sort and manipulate the data, including:
    • Changing sort orders
    • Filtering the entire data set against logic conditions, such as ‘contains’, ‘ends with’, and ‘is equal to’.
    • Ability to ‘open’ some rows of data, without leaving the report, to view contextual information, including details of:
      • The person
      • A family
      • Outcome related data
      • Targeted intervention cases
      • Attendance data
data report with drill down
  • Exporting to Excel allows for the unlimited analysis of the report within the Microsoft product
  • Data can be extracted to PDF format in a single click
exporting data reports to pdf
viewing the results of a data report
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