The Analysis Report module within the system lets you get answers to questions quickly. Pose a question about the effectiveness of your services and answer it in the analysis module of the system.

charts in the analysis module

Our analysis reports are run on an embedded pivot analysis engine which allow to drag and drop fields in and out of the reports, completely redefining its output as you go. The analysis engine within our system supports a comprehensive charting library, allowing users to instantly visualise the data they are reviewing. Clever use of this part of the system can lead to improved decisions, smarter time allocation and improved insight into issues before they arise.

base report

Our analysis reports all come equipped with a range of features, such as:

  • Large selection of report parameters, that can be adjusted upon request
  • Wide range of fields available to manipulate the data with
  • Ability to answer a ride of questions in the same report. For example, the same report covering your targeted intervention cases, would be able to answer all the following:
    • Number of cases broken down by team and status
    • How the opening needs compare to the established needs
    • Number of cases by worker
    • How many cases were in workless households
    • The demographic breakdown of your cases
    • The geographic breakdown of your cases
working with fields
  • A large and varied charting library, with a range of visualisation options, including:
    • Bar charts
    • Area charts
    • Doughnut charts
    • 3D versions of charts
    • Line charts
  • Charts can be exported as images
  • Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel
export to excel
chart types
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