Your data comes to life with our dashboard reports. Designed to be simple to understand. Our dashboards cut to the chase on important issues such as resource allocation, safeguarding issues as well as productivity opportunities and gaps, plus your current engagement posture.


Custom dashboards can be built upon request, which can be aligned to your performance indicators, including your OFSTED requirements. Not all people enjoy crunching the numbers and looking at the underlying data. Many people find it significantly easier to plan and make decisions when presented with visualisations of data. Our dashboard module does exactly this.


The dashboard reports come equipped with a range of features, including:

  • A range of easy to understand charts and graphs
  • Interactive data that changes are based upon:
    • Parameters being selected
    • Filters within the dashboard being updated
    • Individual dashboard components being changed
  • Charts and graphs that can be exported to an image format
  • A range of available dashboard elements to vary the presentation of the data
  • Interactive elements of the dashboards take the user to more detailed information
  • Data can be exported to PDF
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