This module is your one stop shop for creating the full variety of courses and events running across your children’s centres and associated services.

Courses and Events - The Collate System

The powerful way the Collate System handles courses & events means you can be assured of first class, consistent reporting of your services. You can also delegate the freedom to your service delivery partners to use the names and approaches they want locally.

Our sophisticated outcomes linking means the system handles the OFSTED alignment in the background, so your staff can focus on their work.

Courses and Events Calendar in the Collate System

The Courses and Events module allows you to:

  • Create a range of courses and events shown in list form of a range of calendar views
  • Easily use the advanced creation wizard for creating sessions over long periods of time
  • Track course day capacities and associated attendance which helps planning for future services
  • Record whether the services have been delivered in house or by outside agencies
  • Add attendance data in several simple to use formats
  • Quickly view rich information about who is accessing your services from within the same module
  • Add bookings to the sessions in advance to track demand
  • Significantly improve your approach to engagement with in built communication tools, including:
    • 2 way text message
    • 2 way email
  • Review the intended outcomes for the session
Sending messages from the Courses and Events Module
Reviewing the outcomes for a course

The Courses and Events module comes with a range of permissions, including:

  • Who can access the module
  • Read only access
  • Whether the user deliver courses and events
  • The ability to delete course days created in error
  • Ability to delete attendance created in error
  • Ability to delete courses from the system
Adding attendance to course or event
Viewing details of a person within a course
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