The People and Families module is the starting point for all families that access and engage with your services.


Families are added to this module first, which makes them available in the system for your Children’s Centre services (courses & events) or your targeted case work (case management). The People and Families module is also the starting point for adding notes about the family, logging calls and home visits and tracking GDPR requests.

This powerful module acts as the gateway into the other features and services that the system provides.

GDPR compliance

The People & Families Module allows you to:

  • Create people and families
  • Track notes against the family, including risk and warning information that can be copied into your case work
  • Record current and historic addresses
  • Log important information such as:
    • Language requirements
    • Family characteristics
    • Evidence of your interventions
    • Engagement related data, such as email and text campaigns
  • Capture ad-hoc notes which over time provide a rich history of the family
  • Stay within the new GDPR guidelines accurately and compliantly
Viewing a family record in the Collate System
  • View the full ‘reach history’ of individual family members, or the entire family. Including:
    • All communications
    • All courses and events attended
    • All case work that has taken place
A range of contact methods
  • Review the entire list of OFSTED aligned outcomes that have been achieved via your targeted interventions:
  • Check which courses and events people have attended
  • View which the history of the case work the family has been involved in
  • Instantly generate and print a PDF case study showing the full and complete history of your work with the person
The PDF case study in the people and families module

The People & Families Module comes with a range of permissions, including:

  • Who can access the module
  • If a user can only access a read only version
  • Ability to merge records
  • Ability to delete information created in error
  • Permission to view family notes
  • Who can deactivate families
  • Ability to update 2 year old funding
Viewing the reach history for a family
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