The wide-ranging case management module within the Collate System governs the entire workflow of your targeted interventions

Example of the Collate System mining data

The wide-ranging case management module within the Collate System governs the entire workflow of your targeted interventions. All aspects of service delivery including adding initial referrals, allocating cases to individual teams, tracking contacts with families, identifying needs, logging actions, creating actions plans, tracking of outcomes and providing OFSTED ready analysis are handled intuitively. The safeguarding chronology ensures full and accurate accountability for your families and staff alike.

Viewing outcomes in a case

The Case Management Module allows you to:

  • Create new family support cases
  • Find cases involving children
  • Set cases at the levels and sublevels that reflect your priorities
  • See which cases require your attention before safeguarding issues arise
  • Give managers oversight and insight into their teams’ performance with easy to access links, including:
    • Dormant cases
    • Cases with no identified needs
    • Cases with no contact with the family
    • Cases that have not been reviewed for more than 30 days
    • Cases with overdue action plans
    • Cases pending closure
    • Cases with no cases notes
  • Easily understand the ‘ticks and crosses’ which guide staff into allocating their time properly.
  • Engage with an intuitive interface for accessing key information about cases for quick review and oversight.
ticks and crosses for productivity
  • View a full safeguarding chronology, which captures:
    • All major events within the case
    • The time and date the event happened
    • The time and date it was recorded in the system
    • The staff member responsible
  • The safeguarding chronology also allows for comprehensive understanding of the case, including:
    • Filtering for major events
    • Searching for specific content
    • Quick views of all historic interactions
    • User level preferences about what the chronology should show at any given time
safeguarding chronology
  • Within the case, you can:
    • Create and track tasks and actions plans
    • Co-ordinate appointments with users of the system and external agencies
    • Log risk levels based on different criteria
    • Record the needs the family and family members
    • Track outcomes based on your inspection criteria
    • Align your work to OFSTED related criteria
    • Add the various stakeholders, such as agencies, friends, other staff and managers
    • Evidence all forms of contact – such as phone calls, home visits, ad-hoc meetings
    • Record the history of case notes
    • Upload and view a large selection of documents
    • Review all emails relating to the case
    • Incorporate a rigorous case review policy, including action plans and findings
    • View any linked cases within the system
    • Capture a rich ‘voice of the child’ history ensuring the most important views are taken into consideration
    • Generate a comprehensive PDF case study
PDF case study in a case

The Case Management Module comes with a range of permissions, including:

  • Which staff are managers of cases
  • Who can re-open cases
  • Ability to lock cases that are sensitive
  • Ability to view sensitive documents
  • Authority to terminate cases
  • Team allocation
  • Authority to edit aspects of cases
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