The Administration Module is your starting point for configuring the Collate System.

Viewing the permissions of a user

The Collate administration approach fully aligns your services and bridges the gap between your operational requirements and your OFSTED reporting. This module is used for user management, tracking usage, referring to audit logs and changing several global system settings.

This module provides the tools for good data management, such as checking for families that may be eligible for deactivation.

Identifying Inactive People

The Admin Module provides for:

  • Access to our powerful ‘managed fields’ concept which allows to populate drop down boxes and pick from lists within the system.
  • Reviewing and updating geographic data, such as:
    • Postcodes
    • Children’s Centres
    • Deprivation Levels
    • IDACI
    • Super-Output-Areas
    • Localities
    • Wards
  • Aligning your courses and events to the specific outcomes you are aiming to achieve
Creating the outcomes for a course
  • The creation of workflows for the Early Help Module
  • Populating the various teams, Children’s Centres and case workers that will need to access the system
  • The configuration of the case management module, including:
    • The levels and sublevels of your cases
    • The list of available needs
    • OFSTED outcome categories
    • Referring agencies
    • Users of this module
  • Reviewing merged records
  • Checking people and families that may be ready for de-activation (GDPR)
  • Reviewing all draft contacts within cases
  • Creation of new users
  • Management of user permissions, both an individual and group level
  • Management of module access for users
  • Access to your licensing information and ability to request new licenced services
An example of software licencing
Adding to the management fields
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